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Whose Side Are You On?

Thought For The Week…

In our neighborhood, as a child, there were many folks to play with. Most of our Summer vacation from school was spent playing together in the woods and IN the creek. Occasionally, we played certain games which required us to determine whose side each of us would be on. As innocent as this may seem, people can really show some signs of severe behavioral disorders in their grandiose emotional expressions for who is going to be on THEIR side! Lol!

Nothing has changed since my childhood days. People are still people and we can put on quite a show when trying to get folks on our side of any issue. Our recent elections, here in the United States, are a prime example of the lengths people go to when endeavoring to get folks to choose sides. Millions of dollars were spent, and thousands of man hours were needed to pull it off.

In view of this innate desire to have individuals on OUR side, a question comes to my mind. “Shouldn’t we focus our efforts on trying to be on God’s side of things?” The Tea Party, for example, has spent a lot of man hours spreading their message and have been able to make a huge impact upon today’s politics. I am not against the Tea Party, but I wonder what would happen if people used as much enthusiasm when spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

In the absence of Moses, Aaron allowed himself to be manipulated, and led Israel into false worship with a golden calf which HE made. While Moses is up on the mountain getting the Ten Commandments, Israel was engaged in the idolatry! When Moses comes into camp he immediately calls everyone to the carpet. He handled this issue with great simplicity. He began with a question which required everyone to answer with immediate action. He said, in part, “…Who is on the LORD’S side? let him come unto me…” (Exodus 32:26)

There is a lesson to be learned here. Instead of trying to get people on our side, may we point people to Jesus and His Word! Sometimes we, even as believers, find ourselves on the wrong side of the equation. It is far better to focus our energies on lifting up God’s way and attempt to stay on HIS side!

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