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Behind The Offering…

Thought For The Week…

Any student of the Old Testament sits in astonishment as they meditate upon the Tabernacle’s creation and its meaning. It must have been a magnificent structure to behold. Those who did have a chance to see it from a distance, like many of the surrounding nations did, certainly were touched by their experience!

Have you ever given much thought as to how the Tabernacle was able to be built to begin with? While Moses was up in the Sinai those 40 days and nights God gave him the plans for the Tabernacle and everything that would be used in service for God. When you read Exodus chapter 35, however, you will find some very intriguing details about the source of provisions for the Tabernacle’s construction.

Without a doubt, many have been blessed as they read the list of things that were given in the offering that Moses asked for. But more importantly, two things are mentioned consistently about some of the children of Israel which illuminates God’s plan over all. Some of the folks are said to have had “a willing heart” and a “stirred” heart.

Yes, God could have miraculously provided the building materials and everything which was needed for the Tabernacle in a way like He did with the manna, but He didn’t. He chose to move upon the hearts of men and women to give of their possessions which they had accumulated while in Egypt and from their “back pay” they collected just before the march out. God certainly provided the material provisions in the first place, but again, He simply touched the hearts of His people to give to the offering.

It is absolutely amazing how various ministries in our local churches can be created, enabled, and carried out in service for Christ. It begins with “a willing heart” and a “stirred” heart. If you allow God to “stir” your heart, you will have “a willing heart,” and if you have “a willing heart,” indeed, your heart will be “stirred!” As God’s people responded to the offering that day, little did they know, how far reaching an impact they would make!

How about you? Are you allowing God to “stir” your heart? Do you have “a willing heart” towards God and the work of God? Consider how God used the offering in Exodus chapter 35 and ask God to use you too!