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Safety Is Of The Lord!

Thought For The Week…

Years ago, when Shilo and I were dating, we decided to go and visit the Dam which held back Smith Mountain Lake; located southeast of Roanoke, Virginia. I was pastoring a church about an hour south of Roanoke at the time. We enjoyed eating our picnic lunch and walking around.

The time soon came for us to leave and head back down to Collinsville where I lived. As we were leaving the Dam site, I came around a turn and had to stop for a flock of turkeys somewhere along a desolate stretch of roadway. There were about four to six of them out in the middle of the road, and they took their sweet time moving onto the grassy shoulder. We were held up only a minute or so, but long enough to make it seem like an eternity!

I navigated around my feathered friends when I was able to do so and continued along the winding road back to the State Highway. As soon as Shilo and I got back onto the main road and started West, I looked ahead, about a half of a mile, and noticed a semi-truck coming towards me and slowing to a stop. Most of the tires on this truck were blown out with smoke billowing upwards from the brakes. As I looked back to my right I noticed dirt in the road and the phone poles in the edge of the field were all broken where the semi clipped them. As we slowed down to view the recent damage, I saw a horrific sight. This truck had run over the front of another vehicle which was waiting to pull out onto the State Highway. This vehicle had no place to go! I do not recall anyone being killed in this accident, though I am surprised someone didn’t.

Later in dawned upon me that those turkeys saved our lives! If Shilo and I were 30 seconds to a minute earlier, then we could have been hit, head on, by the Semi! Safety is, indeed, of the Lord! Proverbs 21:31 states, “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.” This event should remind each of us that we should be patient when held up from our travels. God might be keeping us out of harm’s way!