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Commitment: The Missing Characteristic In 21st Century Christianity!

Pastor Andrew SchankThousands upon thousands of books, periodicals and newspaper clippings lay on the shelves, line the racks and are filed away in libraries worldwide which contain the written record of men and women who left a legacy of COMMITMENT for any inquisitive mind to ponder. With the advent of the internet, many more doors for the opportunistic reader are available. With such grandiose venues filled to capacity and open to the masses, which would rival any Olympic arena, one could surmise that the larger than life personalities of yesteryear would be studied for their accomplishments and failures more than they actually are!

It is sad to report that many present day educational, political, social leaders increasingly fail this present generation with their focus being placed on the sensual and the temporal and not on the lasting character traits which have served to catapult societies around the globe for centuries. Religious leaders have littered the information highway with numerous scandals, and irrefutable evidence of their lack of moral bearings and broken moral compass. It is for certain that many of the household names of the last 2,000 years were not godly and righteous individuals, but many were! Each name that is recorded in history leaves us an example for good or for bad.

When one ponders the realms of Christendom today, he/she is left devoid of many substantive examples of committed Christians. Few godly examples exist for contemporary onlookers to admire for the quality of COMMITMENT with respect to Biblical Christianity. There are many reasons for this problem. One, the world system is not going to thrust many into the “godly lime-light”. Two, the godly character trait of COMMITMENT does not sell newspapers, nor does it have much curb appeal. Three, history is still being written and the jury is still out on the legacies of many popular Christians today. Each of these reasons are valid and easily understood.

If you look at this dilemma from the corner of Main Street and Church Street USA, then you will have to face the fact that the primary cause for the lack of interest in the character trait of COMMITMENT with respect to Biblical Christianity is found by looking into the mirror! The average Christian does not get excited about being a committed child of God because it is not accomplished very easily and it usually carries a stigma that few want to identify with. Very few shine brightly as committed Christians and with so little light, many have grown accustomed to the darkness of self-serving ambitions.

For many, COMMITMENT is a term used to describe how an athlete came from unfortunate and meager circumstances to fame because of their determination to play a particular sport. For others, COMMITMENT is the term used to describe how a young man or woman came from the wrong side of the tracks to get the proper education and make their mark on the business world. Few really grasp the fact that COMMITMENT is more that just something we read about concerning the flavor of the month which the media outlets regurgitate in their hourly segments and plaster on their “Who’s Who” in the Sunday paper.

(1 Corinthians 4:1-2) “Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” (KJV)

COMMITMENT is a character trait that we see throughout the pages of our Holy Bible. From the difficult circumstances Jacob endured so he could marry the woman of his dreams, to the passionate leadership of Moses to bring God’s people from Egyptian bondage into the Promised Land, to the Weeping Prophet, Jeremiah, who could only speak God’s truth to a backslidden king, to the Gospel accounts of the COMMITMENT of Jesus Christ to carry His cross to Golgotha’s hill, to the persistence of the Apostle Paul to keep preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles of the Roman Empire, one can encourage themselves and learn of the need for such COMMITMENT in our day!

While the Word of God is the best place to read of what kind of COMMITMENT our churches need today, this trait is easily learned by it being modeled before others. When folks are divided in their pursuits each week, and choose to participate in activities at the same time their church family gets together to worship God, then these individuals fail to be an example of a committed Christian. The truth is that COMMITMENT is a missing ingredient in 21st century Christianity! In place of COMMITMENT, many model carnality, idolatry, apathy, and a host of other worldly and sinful vices.

(Matthew 6:24) “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (KJV)

What is it going to take for more of God’s people to make the decision to be more committed to the Lord? Many of these sames folks are not ignorant of what COMMITMENT is, they are just committed to the wrong person! The Apostle Paul spoke of some people who “addicted” themselves to the ministry. (1 Corinthians 16:15) Our churches need servants of the Lord like Paul wrote about! Jesus, in what many refer to as, “The Sermon on the Mount” stated, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” In other words, you cannot be committed to the Lord while being committed to other things. Duties never conflict! Each of us have many responsibilities and we must prioritize them. If we are committed Christians, then our priorities will reflect that!

It is with great humility that I implore each soul who reads this post to take a moment and examine yourself in light of the Scriptures. Do you need to be saved by God’s grace? Do you know if you died right now that you would be in Heaven with Jesus? If not, please consider what the Bible has to say about your situation. CLICK HERE to learn more or CONTACT ME and I will be glad to help you. If you are saved, are you a committed Christian or are your priorities diametrically opposed to what they should be? Does any ole thing keep you from being faithful to attend church faithfully? Do your friends have too much sway over your decision making? Have you allowed your flesh to rule your life in place of the Holy Spirit? God WILL help you if you will be willing to repent!


Pastor Andrew SchankAt the time of the Civil War, (a.k.a. War Between The States) nearly one third of the currencies negotiated were counterfeit. Can you imagine that? This problem was, and still is a huge issue! One of the contributing factors which led to the proliferation of so many fake notes was the numerous state banks who designed and printed their own variety of currency. The following quote is taken from the U.S. Secret Service’s website…

At that time, there were approximately 1,600 state banks designing and printing their own notes. Each note carried a different design, making it difficult to distinguish the 4,000 varieties of counterfeits from the 7,000 varieties of genuine notes.

According to the United States Secret Service the need for a more streamlined and regulated currency was needed. Once the national currency was adopted 1863, it too, became so inundated with counterfeit bills that there was a need to create the Secret Service to enforce currency laws and help suppress widespread counterfeiting. Since July 5, 1865, citizens of the United States have benefited from the dedicated efforts of those in the Secret Service who seek to keep our currency authentic.

Each of us intuitively know that our monies must be THE REAL THING if we are to be able to purchase the necessary items our families need each month. While we may be cognoscente of the need for genuine currency, many of God’s children are lacking in their discernment for the need to be an AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN! That’s right! Many of us may look like the real thing, but upon closer examination we reveal our deviance.

There are several reasons why this happens in our life at times. Sin, for example, leaves its staining mark on our testimonies. Though God willingly forgives us on the merits of His Son, Jesus Christ, we still have to deal with the ramifications of our rebellious actions.

Sometimes, our lack of authenticity comes from our adopting a standard for living which is contrary to God’s Word. For sure, anytime we do such a thing, we will not be THE REAL THING! Our friend’s ideas, though trendy and novel, are not always the best practice for the dedicated Christian!

Another reason we become hypocritical in our walk with God is due to our lack of love for God. Much can be written about this detail, but it can be seen clearly in our commitment level. If my love for my wife and family is authentic, then my commitment to them will be vividly portrayed. Let’s put it another way. If I am authentic with my family, then they can trust me. We can grow in our love for each other. Our commitment level will increase; reflecting in our behavior and attitudes toward one another. Thus… there will be no question as to the genuineness of our love for God if we are committed to Him.

Could it be that AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY is what is missing in your life? Have you let the apathy and callousness of carnal Christians rub off on you? Are you more concerned about the temporal pleasures and plentiful forms of entertainment the world has to offer than you are about your faithfulness and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ?

Volumes have been written on how to reach the youth of our day, but genuine heartfelt Christianity is what should be our focal point. Authenticity is what the Millennials need to see in our walk with God. Counterfeit, hypocritical, and shallow spirituality is what is driving the youth of today from our churches. It is not the old fashioned music & hymns that is driving them away, nor is it the lack of media use in the corporate worship service. The simple truth is that most of us are not as authentic as we think we are!

May God give each of us, who claim to be saved by His awesome grace, more of a passion for a committed and authentic walk with Him. May we quit settling for the counterfeit, and wholly embrace the integrity of God and His Holy, Inerrant, Infallible & Divinely Preserved Word!