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Are You Fearful?

Thought For The Week…

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to express grief and frustration; isn’t it? What can you say about such a horrible act of terrorism Bostonians faced during their world renowned foot race? The Boston Marathon of April 15, 2013 will certainly be remembered!

As you, I watched the news coverage with bewilderment. I asked myself, “Why would someone want to do such a thing?” For the next several days, I began trying to piece together a possible motive for this wicked and cowardly act. I suddenly realized that it might not be some complicated, yet deranged, philosophical ideology, but may be something as simple as trying to cause others to fear. If you have watched any news coverage at all or if you have seen any photos related to this sad situation, then you have seen some of the devastating effects of fear.

It is perfectly normal to be fearful of some things. For example, I am fearful of certain reptiles. However, you might be like my friend of mine who is not scared of a snake, but will jump out of his skin if he sees a spider! I would have certainly been fearful of those who set the bombs off if I lived near the Boston area, but we need to remember to look to God for help at all times; especially during times like these.

Jesus sent out his twelve disciples into a hostile environment, and He gave specific instructions as to what He wanted them to do. One of the memorable remarks Jesus made to His disciples at this time has made a tremendous impact on me as a pastor. He said in Matthew 10:28 “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Jesus was trying to encourage these men to not allow the fear of man to manipulate their actions. They should fear God and trust Him rather than adopt situation ethics and fail to do what they we supposed to do.

Jesus’ words are as relevant as ever! You and I should not operate out of fear, but FAITH! Faith is the answer to fear. By FAITH, we should stand upon God’s promises and carry out His commands though our hands may tremble in the foggy shadows of Satan’s roaring!