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Music Ministry

Music is still one of the most, if not THE most, powerful mediums in the world. Make no mistake about it, there is a godly and an ungodly kind of music available to us today. A God-honoring church must adopt a proper music philosophy if she is to provide a “Saviour-sensitive” environment of worship.

Here at Great Commission Baptist Church, we desire to only promote music which would be compatible with the Scriptures and set the right “spiritual context”. While we recognize that Christians, at large, have different tastes in music, i.e. genres, styles, etc., it is our fervent desire to HONOR the Lord Jesus Christ and to promote music, whatever the style, that would please Him; not necessarily man. Therefore, we DO NOT, and WILL NOT use the modern Contemporary Christian Music (also known as, CCM), nor will we use any form of other worldly music fetishes, such as so-called “Christian Rock”, “Christian Rap”, etc.

Our church uses hymns, choruses and other godly songs that seek to draw people to the Saviour in a spirit of worship, not to simply initiate an emotional high and seek to bring God to our level. As John the Baptist was forerunner to Jesus Christ, so music is a forerunner to the message from Heaven. Preaching God’s Word may be the preeminent activity in our church services, but having godly music enhances its effectiveness. Again, we seek to follow a “Saviour-sensitive” philosophy, not a “seeker-sensitive” one.

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