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Building Project

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Pastor Andrew Schank

The Background…

Since the beginning days of Great Commission Baptist Church, one of the biggest obstacles (if not THE BIGGEST) has been that of obtaining a suitable building for the church to carry out meaningful ministry from. When there was no room, God MADE room for GCBC! Local zoning laws and regulations were the driving force behind most of the frustration, as well as the lack of affordable and available properties.

Currently, GCBC is using the unused portion of another church’s facilities here in Blair. At this point, seating capacity is close to limitations and GCBC needs more room to carry out some areas of ministry that are needed, but not conducive to our current facility.

The Blessing…

Not long after settling in our current location, a local business owner contacted Pastor Schank about our church possibly purchasing his building. At that time it was not possible to make a purchase and we did not have liberty to move forward with the acquisition. However, a year and a half later, it is very possible make the purchase.

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We are glad to report to you that Great Commission Baptist Church voted unanimously on Wednesday evening February 12, 2014 to purchase an “A” frame building located @ 554 S 13th Street here in Blair. It is currently a computer repair and retail store as well as the local U Haul vender.

The Need…

GCBC is beginning with approximately $32,000.00 to put into the new building project. In order to purchase the building, make the necessary repairs, and remodel for re-purposing the structure, GCBC needs to raise a minimum of $175,000.00.

This building is our only option in town and has been for quite some time. It will let us increase our seating capacity about 25-30%. It is also possible to build an addition in the future to accommodate growth.

Will You…

  • PRAY – GCBC is asking all of its sister churches, as well as God’s people at large, to make this building project a matter of prayer!
  • SPREAD THE WORD – GCBC is asking everyone who knows about our situation to tell another brother or sister in Christ about it and pray together for it!
  • Give – GCBC, believing God will provide, needs to gather the remaining funds ASAP!


Our desire has been, since before the church was planted, that when people think about our church… they would have to say, “God did that, and not man!”

Our desire, as a church body, is to acquire, remodel and move into this property DEBT FREE! Our desire has been, since before the church was planted, that when people think about our church… they would have to say, “God did that, and not man!” We are happy to say that up till this point… this is exactly what is going on! Anyone remotely familiar with our church understands this to be more than just a quaint saying… IT IS REALITY!

Our motivation in this principled decision is that we can remain out of debt so we can continue to build our missions giving program. Thus, enabling us to reproduce what God is doing in Blair around the world!



If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to GCBC’s building project, then please make your checks payable to: Great Commission Baptist Church — Memo Line: Building Project


Great Commission Baptist Church – P.O. Box 445 Blair, NE 68008



If you would like to keep up with our building project so you can know better how to pray, then please sign up below by subscribing to our newsletter! (You will only get info about our building project!)

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