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Our Inclement Weather Policy

Our Inclement Weather Policy

Be it known that Great Commission Baptist Church will have services at normal times regardless of ice and snow except for extreme circumstances. If there is a blizzard or some other winter weather emergency, then we will make a judgment call at that time. Otherwise you can assume we will operate as usual. If we would have to cancel services or make adjustments, then we will post an announcement on Facebook and on our church website. You can always call Pastor Schank @ (402) 909-2799 with any inquiries.

A Word Of Caution…

Great Commission Baptist Church does not desire that people put themselves in danger to come to church. If you feel like it is too dangerous to travel to church, then DO NOT COME! However, if one can travel to the grocery store or some other establishment, then one can come to church. Just because there is bad weather we should not immediately use that as an excuse to not attend church. If you need a ride to church, then we can make arrangement to pick you up.

A Word Of Encouragement…

In almost twenty years of preaching the gospel, some of the most precious services I have attended were during bad weather conditions. While pastoring a little church in North Dakota several years ago, our Fall revival was interrupted by an early blizzard. It snowed about 10+ inches and drifted about 4 feet in places. We planned on services as usual and eventually had to move the meeting to a church member’s home due to a power outage at the church. God blessed! We had visitors that night and enjoyed sweet communion with our Lord! NOTE: WE PLAYED IN THE SNOW AND WENT 4 WHEELING BEFORE AND AFTER SERVICES… NOT DURING THE SERVICE!!!!

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