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FAITHFULNESS: A Necessary Attribute To Authentic Christian Service

Pastor Andrew SchankRecently, I was reminded of a statement given by the late William Carey (1761-1834), father of modern missions, which he gave concerning his outlook on life. He stated, “I can plod… I can persevere to any definite pursuit“. Some might think this to be boastful, but it is really a statement made in faith. In the midst of deepest trials, God’s children can take one step in front of another and be faithful to their Lord! Whether in the loss of a loved one or in the midst of deepest poverty, one can be found FAITHFUL. This was the legacy of Brother Carey! Continue reading

The Drudge Of Holding A Grudge!

Pastor Andrew SchankEverybody knows what it is like to hold a grudge against someone. This is not something we know little about. In fact, we see it portrayed as acceptable in the entertainment world, and justified by real world examples. Millions of dollars are spent each year in the health care arena treating people who just need to forgive and let go of their grudges! God has a lot to say about this subject!

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